Bronze Age gold and jet necklace

Bronze Age gold and jet necklace

Code: 11270


This is a very rare gold and jet bead necklace, dating to the Late Bronze Age c. 1100 - 800 B.C. The necklace is excavated and consists of 48 beads and a central jet amulet. The main beads consist of a 'perle tubulaires cannelées' (see Eluère 1982, 30-31, 168-171). Tubular bead with series of transverse incised bands that cover the whole surface (Beads of this type have been dated to the Bronze Age and are recorded from Coberley in Gloucestershire GLO-F8F3B7, Retford in Nottinghamshire LVPL-34D297, Glemsford in Suffolk LVPL-B28293. The smaller jet beads are also of a type known as  'fusiform' shaped and recorded from the Bronze Age (see LANCUM-46FBD2). The necklace has not been re-strung, the beads will come loose as excavated. 

A very rare piece of Bronze Age jewellery that is seldom offered!

OBJECT: Gold and Jet Necklace

CULTURE: Late Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1100 - 800 BC

MATERIAL: Gold and jet

SIZE: 10.87mm +/- (gold bead) jet amulet 16.87mm x 9.12mm x 5.73mm, 7.63mm (small gold bead) 6.23mm +/- (jet bead)

WEIGHT: 6.59 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in the collection of a J.S. Hoskins Galicia, Spain