Bronze Age Gold Penannular Ring

Bronze Age Gold Penannular Ring

Code: 10821


This is a nice Middle Bronze Age gold ring, dating to 1300 - 1100 B.C. The ring is made from a cast rod of gold, the design bar twisted. Similar objects have been wrought in gold in the form of bracelets, hair-rings, earrings and finger rings. See BERK-6870F5 for discussion. This particular example lacks any terminals or joins, thus may have originally formed part of a larger bracelet or arm-ring. It appears to have been purposefully cut or chopped, roughly bend to form a round finger ring. The weight may indicate it was used as a form of currency, since the later Gallic War Staters are about the same weight, with ring money also +/- around 6 grams. 

OBJECT: Penannular Ring

CULTURE: Middle Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1300 - 1100 B.C.


SIZE: 24mm x 22mm x 3mm

RING SIZE:    7   (US)     O  (UK)

WEIGHT: 6.1 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Buckinghamshire Collection, originally acquired through the London Art Market