Bronze Age Penannular Arm Ring

Bronze Age Penannular Arm Ring

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This is an ancient Bronze Age bracelet or arm-ring, dating to c. 1200 - 900 B.C. It is an excellent example, originally worn on the upper arm. It lacks any form of decoration, its beauty is in the simplicity of design, used and traded for the weight of bronze. The penannular shape enabled the bracelet to function as wearable wealth, during this period as an object of social status. The bracelet was found in a hoard or cache deposit of bronze jewellery, attributed to the Urnfield culture. After its excavation, the bracelet was professionally cleaned and conserved. It is a great looking example with a nice ocean green patina and of excellent hoard metal

OBJECTBracelet / Arm-ring

CULTURE: Urnfield Culture, Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1200 - 900 B.C.


SIZE:  110mm diameter x 5mm x 6mm

WEIGHT:  40.17 grams

PROVENANCE:  Ex. European Private Collection, Nyíregyháza, Hungary