Gold composite ring money adornment

Gold composite ring money adornment

Code: 10071


This is a rare Middle Bronze Age gold ring money, dating to c. 1200 B.C. Before minted coinage, the Celtic peoples traded in bullion and other commodities. Ring Money pieces such as this have been found throughout Britain and Ireland, likely used as a form of adornment or early jewelry. The ring is composite with three equal sized annular rings, each with a dished groove joined together to form three distinct sections (see ESS-71DFE4 and LIN-D7E6D1)

Academics have in recent years debated the use of such items, as a form of currency, or items of jewelry (such as hair rings, or beard rings). It is an excellent example of a Bronze Age Ring Money adornment, that must have been once owned and worn by the Druid or elite class of Bronze Age society.

OBJECT: Gold Ring Money

CULTURE: Middle Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1500 - 1100 B.C.


SIZE: 15.11mm x 9.2mm

WEIGHT: 2.21 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection.