Ancient British Durotriges 'Cranborne Chase' AE Stater

Ancient British Durotriges 'Cranborne Chase' AE Stater

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This is an ancient Iron Age Celtic AE stater of the British Durotriges Tribe. It was minted between the mid-1st century BC to the mid-1st century AD with the invasion of the Romans.

Obverse:  Devolved head of Apollo right, crude head representation with wreath, cloak and crescents, 

Reverse:  Disjointed horse left; pellets above, pellet below, pellet in lozenge above tail, crude horse representation of disjointed pellets, lines, and crescents.

CULTURE: British Celtic


MATERIAL: AE Bronze or very base silver

DATE: 58 BC - 45 AD

SIZE: 18mm dia

WEIGHT: 2.9 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  ABC 2157; VA 1235-1; M 317; S.366

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Bournemouth. United Kingdom.