Celtic Atrebates & Regini Silver Unit of Epaticcus

Code: 10468


This is an ancient Iron Age silver unit of the Atrebates Tribe (modern-day Hampshire, West Sussex, and Berkshire) centered on the capital Calleva Atrebatum (modern Silchester). It was minted around 20 - 40 A.D. shortly before the Roman invasion of Britain. This coin was struck with Romanized dies, or ones made by a Greek or Roman mint master, possibly from Gaul.

Epaticcus Eagle. c.AD 20-40. Silver unit. 11mm. 1.19g. Herculean bust of Epaticcus right, wearing a lionskin headdress, EPATI in front, beaded border./ Spread-winged Roman eagle, head turned to left, talons clutching S-shaped snake, ringed-pellet above, beaded border. 


CULTURE: CELTIC, Atrebates and Regni

DATE: c. 20 A.D - 40 A.D.


SIZE: 12mm diameter

WEIGHT: 1.3 grams

ATTRIBUTION: ABC 1346, VA 580, BMC 2024-293, S 356

PROVENANCE: Ex. Private Collection, Reigate Surrey. 

Celtic Atrebates & Regini Silver Unit of Epaticcus