Durotriges 'Cranborne Chase' Silver Stater

Durotriges 'Cranborne Chase' Silver Stater

Code: 11624


This is an ancient Iron Age Celtic silver stater of the British Durotriges Tribe. It was minted between the mid 1st century BC to the mid 1st century AD with the invasion of the Romans.

Obverse:  Devolved head of Apollo right, crude head representation with wreath, cloak and crescents, 

Reverse:  Disjointed horse left; pellets above, pellet below, pellet in lozenge above tail, crude horse representation of disjointed pellets, lines and crescents.




DATE: 58 BC - 45 AD

SIZE: 18mm dia

WEIGHT: 2.96 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  ABC 2157; VA 1235-1; M 317; S.366

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Dursley, United Kingdom.