Iceni Silver Unit Queen Boudicca Type Head

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This is an ancient Iron Age silver unit of the Iceni tribe (East Anglia),  Queen Boudicca(?), (died A.D. 61), stylized head right with corn-ear main, two trefoils in front, rev., a Celticised horse right, rectangular device with incurved sides and pellets points below

Attributed by R. D. van Arsdell to the famous Queen Boudicca of the Iceni who led her tribe in revolt against the Romans. The Iceni were a client kingdom of the Romans and on the death of Boudicca's husband king Pratsutagus, Nero's agents claimed the emperor's share of the dead client kings estate as Roman law decreed. This amounted in real terms to the annexation of the Icenian kingdom and a revolt broke out. The Roman Governor, Seutonius Paulinus was at the time engaged in a military campaign against the Ordovices in Anglesey North Wales and in his absence Boudicca was able to wreak havoc on the province. The new Roman cities of Colchester, London and St. Albans were sacked and a contingent of the Ninth legion was routed. The revolt was finally halted by Seutonius at a now unknown battle site in the Midlands and Boudicca committed suicide afterwards.

This attribution has been challenged by specialists in the field and as is the case with a great many aspects of Celtic coinage we will never know the exact truth. 



DATE: c. 10 A.D - 61 A.D.


SIZE: 13mm dia

WEIGHT: 1 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Spink 434, Mack 413d; BMC 3605-3759; Rudd ABC 1567

PROVENANCE: Ex. Darcey Collection, Suffolk.

Iceni Silver Unit Queen Boudicca Type Head