Middle Bronze Age Gold Bar Twisted Earrings Ring Money

Middle Bronze Age Gold Bar Twisted Earrings Ring Money

Code: 11094


This is a rare pair of Middle Bronze Age solid gold earrings, dating to 1400 - 700 B.C. These earrings are known as 'Bar-Twisted Rings', recent research has disproved their use as 'ring-money' coinage, terming such ornaments as decorative pieces of jewelry. It is likely this is a set of earrings or a form of hair ornament (i.e. 'beard rings'). Similar pieces can be seen in the British Museum mainly from Ireland. Further examples of this type can be seen in the National Museums of Northern Ireland BELUM.A259.1962, & BELUM.A2A.1968 & BELUM.A2B.1968. These items are solid gold not plated, displaying several old test cut marks one each piece - usually indicative of trade. RARE

OBJECT: Earrings / Hair Ornament

CULTURE: Middle Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1400 - 700 B.C.


SIZE: aprx 20mm x  17mm x 6mm + 19mm x 17mm x 6mm

WEIGHT: 16.75 grams (total)

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private West-Country Collection, previously the property of an Essex Collector