Intact Iron Age Celtic La Tene Bow Brooch

Intact Iron Age Celtic La Tene Bow Brooch

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This is a nice ancient Iron Age copper brooch, dating to the 4th - 2nd century BC. It is intact with the original sprung pin, but missing the very tip of the catchplate where it curls over and wound have formed a wire that wrapped around the foot. However, the pin is still springy and the copper has a light green encrusted patina. The form is classed as a La Tene IB type, Cf Hattatt, R, 2007, A Visual Catalogue of Richard Hattatt's Ancient Brooches, Oxbow Books, Oxford p 288. See also GLO-7AADEDBERK-2CB3A9SF-FA2893 for comparison and further reading.

OBJECT: Clothing Toggle

CULTURE: Iron Age, Celtic

DATE: c. 4th - 2nd century BC.

MATERIAL: Copper-alloy

SIZE: 39.83mm x 22.87mm x 14.80mm

WEIGHT: 8.60 grams

PROVENANCE: formerly in a private collection, Colchester. Essex.