Iron Age Bronze Beaded Bracelet

Code: 10520


This is a magnificent bronze bracelet, dating to the late Hallstatt - Iron Age c. 650 - 100 B.C. The penannular shaped bracelet is decorated with narrow collars and spaced with 22 thicker D shaped 'beads' between them. Similar design on Iron Age bracelets have been recorded SWYOR-4B2DE2, SWYOR-299FD0 and YORYM-D189E2. This example is intact, in perfect condition with a beautiful 'ocean green' patina.

 OBJECT: Beaded Bracelet

CULTURE: Late Hallstatt - Iron Age, Celtic

DATEc. 650 - 100 B.C.


SIZE: 75mm x 73mm x 6mm (64mm x 62mm internal)

WEIGHT:   43.14  grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection

Iron Age Bronze Beaded Bracelet