Late Hallstatt - Iron Age Celtic Knobbed Bracelet

Late Hallstatt - Iron Age Celtic Knobbed Bracelet

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This is a superb ancient bronze bracelet, dating to the late Hallstatt - Iron Age period c. 650 - 100 B.C. The penannular shaped bracelet is decorated with 37 knobs. Each knob is circular and D-shaped in section. This bracelet has a beautiful jade green patina, glossy and in untouched condition. Similar but fragmentary bracelets have been recorded LVPL-FE6EF1NLM-2A05D1 and SF-751104.

A parallel from Roxby, South Humberside has been published by Kevin Leahy in which he notes the type being well known in the Arras culture of East Yorkshire and parallels are also found in the Hallstatt culture on the continent. An example from Castle Hill, Scarborough was dated by Challis and Harding to the second half of the seventh century BC (Hallstatt C2), supported by associated pottery findings. Leahy determines that this evidence leaves a broad date range for knobbed bracelets spanning "the whole of the British Iron Age from Hallstatt C to La Tene III".

Ref: Leahy, K. "An Iron Age Ribbed Bracelet From Roxby, South Humberside." Lincolnshire History and Archaeology, Volume. 20 (1985): p.79. Print.

 OBJECT: Beaded Bracelet

CULTURE: Late Hallstatt - Iron Age, Celtic

DATEc. 650 - 100 B.C.


SIZE: 74mm x 70mm x 7mm (63mm x 61mm internal)

WEIGHT:   41.96  grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection