Late Iron Age to Early Roman intact penannular brooch

Late Iron Age to Early Roman intact penannular brooch

Code: 11138


This is a good example of an intact penannular brooch, dating to the 1st century B.C. to the 1st century A.D. It is complete with the original pin. Penannular brooches of this form are identified as 'Type C' under Fowler's classification (1960: 152), which dates the type to the period spanning the 1st century BC to Anglo-Saxon period (ibid. 175). Sally Worrell (unpubl.) offers a refined chronology of Type C, suggesting a date range of c. 100 BC to c. 100 AD. It was a successful type of brooch, popular from the Iron Age through to the Saxon period. Other examples have been recorded from Braughing in East Hertfordshire BH-B9AD33,  Leicestershire LEIC-8387A4 and from Daventry NARC-B1CF06. This is a  good example of the type for the collector.

OBJECT: Penannular Brooch

CULTURE: Celtic / Romano British

DATEc. 100 B.C. - 100 A.D.


SIZE: 38.42mm x 33.19mm x 8.49mm

WEIGHT:   12.58 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European private collection