Romano British Dragonesque Brooch

Romano British Dragonesque Brooch

Code: 10958


This is an excavated Romano British Dragonesque brooch, dating to the 1st - 2nd century A.D. The object is S-shaped in plan with a dragon-style head and foot. The head is a Hunter (2010: 100) type B with an upright ear and the nose curving up and back towards the eye which is a pellet in circle motif. The body is a Hunter (2010: 97-8) type A1b with a circular device in the form of a ring and dot on a plain body. Although there is no enamel remaining, it seems likely that the devices would have functioned as cells. Originally the pin would have curled around the lower terminal, partly corroded and intact for an excavated example. A similar example although in a fragmentary condition was recorded from Gainsborough LIN-6AB680.

(Hunter, F., 2010 Changing Objects in Changing Worlds: dragonesque brooches and beaded torcs London: BAR 97,98, 100)

OBJECT: Brooch

CULTURE: Celtic / Romano British

DATEc. 40 - 180 A.D.


SIZE: 54mm x 22mm x 4mm

WEIGHT:   10.07 grams

PROVENANCE: Originally found in Yorkshire