Roman Gold Solidus of Emperor Arcadius Kent

Roman Gold Solidus of Emperor Arcadius Kent

Code: 10959


This is an ancient Roman gold solidus of emperor Arcadius dating to 394 - 402 A.D.

DN ARCADI-VS PF AVG pearl-diademed draped and cuirassed bust right 

VICTORI AAVGGG  Emperor standing right, holding standard and Victory on globe, foot on captive.

This coin was minted at Ravenna (in Italy), mintmark RV either side. It was discovered with a metal detector in Kent, therefore likely to have been included within the last official shipment of gold and silver coins to Britain (before Rome abandoned all interest in the province in 410 A.D.) It is a very nice coin in about EF condition, though has a dint to his nose from its time buried in the ground.




DATE: 394 - 402 A.D.

MINTMARK: RV (Ravenna, Italy)

SIZE: 21mm diameter

WEIGHT: 4.45 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  Ravenna RIC X 1286; Sear 20727.