Anglo Saxon King Edward silver halfpenny ex Braintree hoard

Anglo Saxon King Edward silver halfpenny ex Braintree hoard

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Anglo Saxon Silver Halfpenny (Pyramids type) of Edward the Confessor, struck at London by the moneyer Ælfweard. The obverse shows a crowned and draped bust, facing right holding a sceptre. The legend around reads ‘+EADPAR RD RE A’ (Edward King of the English). The reverse features a voided short cross, in each angle a pyramid style symbol terminating in a pellet tip, annulet in centre, legend reads [––]pard on lv[––] *Ælfweard of London.

This coin was originally found in the Braintree Hoard of Late Anglo-Saxon Pennies and comes with original tickets sold by Noonans.

Please note that this item requires an export license to leave the UK, and therefore overseas shipping may be delayed by several weeks while the necessary formalities are undertaken. 


CULTURE: Saxon England

DATE: 1042 - 1066 AD (this coin was minted between 1065 - 1066 AD)


SIZE: 18mm x 9.5mm

WEIGHT: 0.51 grams


PROVENANCE: This coin was found in the Braintree Hoard, ESS-1CFF0B