Anglo Saxon King Harold Harefoot silver halfpenny

Anglo Saxon King Harold Harefoot silver halfpenny

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Anglo-Saxon Silver Half-penny of King Harold I (Harefoot) of the Fleur-de-Lis type (c.1038-40 AD).

Obverse: Armoured and diademed bust facing right
Reverse: Voided long cross, fleur-de-lis between two pellets in each angle. 

Even though this is a penny cut in half - it served as legal tender and would have circulated as a halfpenny. This example also has a crack in the centre. The coin is retrograde and yet to be researched. Rare with the bust facing right (see C167LM061441)


CULTURE: Saxon England

DATE: 1035 - 1040 AD (this coin was minted between 1038 - 1040 AD)


SIZE: 19mm 

WEIGHT: 0.46 grams

ATTRIBUTION: (BMC type VI; N.806; cf.S.1164).

PROVENANCE: Purchased from Essex Coins.