Anglo Saxon / Merovingian Electrum Gold Tremissis Anglus II

Anglo Saxon / Merovingian Electrum Gold Tremissis Anglus II

Code: 10743


This is a rare Anglo Saxon / Merovingian Electrum Gold Tremissis, minted by Anglus II between 660 - 675 A.D. This example being struck from a debased gold, gradually debased to electrum and then silver. It is thought the name of the moneyer, Anglo, is related to the people of the Anglo-Saxons. There were two moneyers working with this name, probably father (Anglus I, circa 625-635) and son (Anglus II, circa 660-675). This coin is from Anglus II.

obv. Diademed and draped bust right + VVICCO FIT
rev. Cross potent on steps  +AИGLO MONЄT

The mintname WICCO stands for Wicco in Pontio, which we know as (Carolingian) Quentovic. It was situated near the village of Vic-en-Ponthieu in the department Pas-de-Calais. As Quentovic was the most important harbour of Nothern France, pilgrims from England arrived here during their pilgrimage to Rome (see Felder. E: Die Personennamen auf merowingischen Münzen der Biblithèque nationale de France, München 2003, page 59).

Similar Merovingian tremesis have been recorded in purer gold SF-F3F683 and electrum SF-38BBE1. Interestingly a purse of thirty-seven coins of this type were found in the Sutton Hoo purse.  


CULTURE: Saxon - Merovingian

DATE: c. 660 - 675 A.D.

MATERIAL: Pale Gold / Electrum

SIZE: 12mm dia

WEIGHT: 1.3 grams

ATTRIBUTION: NM 10; Belfort 4966; MEC 1

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection (this is not a British find!)