Rare Anglo Saxon Silver Penny of Ceolwulf II

Rare Anglo Saxon Silver Penny of Ceolwulf II

Code: 10736


This is a wonderful and very rare silver penny of Ceolwulf II, minted by the moneyer Leofweald. It is a bold and well-struck example, though has a slight loss to the extremities of the flan (due to crystalline nature of ancient sliver). The grade is around EF in my opinion with very little wear. Though conservatively a VF will suffice. 

Obverse reads: CIOLVVO/LF REX (King Ceolwulf) with a Roman type Diademed bust right

Reverse reads: LI/AF/VA/LD "Leofweald" (moneyer) Small cross within a central lozenge, moneyer's name in angles

This penny is of the last King of Mercia before Alfred the Great united the independent kingdoms to form "England" It is likely this moneyer worked in London, issuing coins of both Alfred and Ceolwulf II. Or perhaps Leofweald worked first for Ceolwulf (before he mysteriously disappears), only to the later work for Alfred.

These pennies were minted and circulated as Danegeld to the Vikings, this example being found with Viking age metalwork in Estonia, so must have traveled back as Viking booty!


CULTURE: Saxon England

DATE: 874 - 880 A.D.


SIZE: 19mm diameter

WEIGHT: 1.3 grams


PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, found near Tuula in Estonia.