Silver Sceatta Series G. Diademed Bust

Silver Sceatta Series G. Diademed Bust

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This is a nice Anglo Saxon silver Sceatta, struck in Kent c. 710 - 720 A.D.  It is a variant of Series G, Cross before face sub-type, Abramson (2012. 91) 21.20. Reverse 2., Diademed bust facing right, heavenward gaze, cross before. Reverse diamond standard, central pellet in annulet, cross pommee above and to the sides trefoil below.  A bold well struck example, in about EF, very rare.


CULTURE: Saxon England (Kent)

DATE: c. 710 - 760 A.D.


SIZE: 12mm dia

WEIGHT: 1.06 grams


PROVENANCE: Found in Essex