Viking Danegeld Silver Denier of Charles II Melle Mint

Viking Danegeld Silver Denier of Charles II Melle Mint

Code: 11119


This is an excellent Carolingian silver Denier of Charles II (The Bald), minted between 840 - 877 A.D.

Obverse: + CARLVS REX FR Cross.

Reverse: + METVLLO. mint name around Carlvs monogram

The first payment of Danegeld to the Vikings in West Francia took place in 845 when, under Ragnar Lothbrok, the Vikings attacked Paris. The army was bought off from destroying the city by a massive payment of nearly six tons of silver and gold bullion. Most of the coins from the Danegeld were melted into bars, ingots, silver bracelets and chopped as hack-silver for use in a bullion economy. 

This is a superb example of a Carolingian denier, well struck and toned from an old collection.


CULTURE: Carolingian

DATE: 840 - 877 A.D.


SIZE: 21mm diameter

WEIGHT: 1.53 grams

ATTRIBUTION: G.209, p.159 (13/209) - Prou.692-697 - MG.1063 - MEC.1/923-933 - N.94 (à Charlemagne, sic)

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection (this is not a British find!)