Ancient Roman gold key ring RARE!

Ancient Roman gold key ring RARE!

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This is a nice ancient Roman gold finger ring, dating to the 1st - 3rd century AD. The shank is made from gold whilst the bezel is formed as a key ward from iron. This key ring would have been used to unlock a small yet valuable casket, probably a jewellery box. Rather than having a bronze or iron shank the owner of this little ring was likely a very wealthy aristocratic lady.  Today the ring has survived in good excavated condition, the iron ward is original and has not been restored. Inside the band is an excavation or collectors inventry number. Wonderful and very rare!

OBJECT: Finger Ring / Key Ring


DATE: c. 1st - 3rd century AD.

MATERIAL: Gold & Iron

RING SIZE:   4 3/4 (US)   J 1/4 (UK)

SIZE: 25.26mm x 21.59 x 4.49mm (bezel 12.93mm x 9.32mm x 8.64) 

WEIGHT: 8.92 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex German private collection, collected in the 1980s.