Ancient Roman Silver Finger Ring

Ancient Roman Silver Finger Ring

Code: 10663


This is nice and simple ancient Roman silver finger ring, dating to the 1st - 4th century A.D. The ring is undecorated, without any diagnostic design, enabling a firmer dating. A comparable example from Baconsthrope in Norfork (recorded LIN-E40D23) has the same issue with dating, however, both rings were found in association with Roman material, this example from the 1st century A.D. I have no reason not to date this ring to the same period, or possibly a little later. The ring is intact and can still be worn, it is made from a baser silver so has patinated in the ground.  

OBJECT: Finger Ring


DATE: c. 1st - 4th century AD


RING SIZE:    7 1/4  (US)       O 1/2 (UK)

SIZE: 211mm x 4mm 

WEIGHT:  3.4 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, France.