Ancient Scythian Greek Gold Appliqué Repoussé Design

Ancient Scythian Greek Gold Appliqué Repoussé Design

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This is an early Iron Age gold appliqué, dating to the 5th century B.C. It belongs to the Eastern European Sakae culture, of a Royal Scyth. The appliqué is made from a hammered gold sheet, decorated with a repoussé design. The back of the appliqué is folded for attachment. Such items were worn sewn onto clothing, or attached to an elaborate headdress. It is a superb and very bold example, slightly split from the excavation.

It is a great looking piece of early gold, in excellent excavated condition.

OBJECT: Appliqué

CULTURE: Early Iron Age / Sakae Culture

DATE: c. 5th century B.C.


SIZE: 41mm x 20mm x 4mm

WEIGHT:  0.9 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. S. Reynolds collection of Scythian art. Cambridgeshire