Hellenistic Greek silver snake bracelet

Hellenistic Greek silver snake bracelet

Code: 11520


This is an ancient Hellenistic silver bracelet, dating to the 3rd - 1st century BC. The silver band is decorated with incised scales crosshatched. Each terminal is decorated with a snakes head again simply incised and dotted for the eyes. Underneath the heads appears to be carefully inscribed a name, but has mostly worn away. Snake bracelets were worn for healing and as apotropaic magic. This is an excellent example in wearable condition. It has been cleaned and much loved by its previous owner.

OBJECT: Bracelet

CULTURE: Hellenistic

DATE: c. 3rd - 1st century BC


SIZE: 71mm x 3mm (heads 4mm) (inside diameter 66mm)

WEIGHT:  12.05 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection. FL, USA.