Roman bronze & enamel brooch of a Lamprey

Roman bronze & enamel brooch of a Lamprey

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This is an ancient Roman bronze zoomorphic brooch dating to the 2nd century AD. It is decorated with blue enamel cells and represents a Lamprey fish. During the Augustan era, Publius Vedius Pollio was infamous for executing his slaves by feeding them into a pool of Lampreys! This brooch is missing the pin; it may have been converted into a pendant in antiquity. It is rare, as this is the first example of the type I have ever seen!

OBJECT: Brooch


DATE: c. 2nd century A.D.


SIZE: 22mm x 24mm x 2mm

WEIGHT: 3.1 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Private Collection London, originally a detector find from Cirencester