Roman Gold Intaglio Ring of Jupiter Serapis

Roman Gold Intaglio Ring of Jupiter Serapis

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This is an ancient Roman gold intaglio ring, dating to the 2nd - 3rd century AD. It is set with its original jasper intaglio, depicting Jupiter Serapis, standing right with a patera. He is depicted wearing a long himation, the ample folds of which are draped about his lower limbs. On his head appears the kalathos which is a defining feature of Serapis. The finger ring can be categorized as Henig's (1978) Type VIII, that is dated to the second or third century AD. The finger ring is keeled in profile with a square section to the lower half of the hoop. The upper half of the hoop forms the shoulders of the ring. Similar intaglio rings have been recorded from Oxfordshire (BERK-B279D7) and Kent (KENT-EC54C5). 

OBJECT: Intaglio Ring


DATE: c. 2nd - 3rd century A.D.

MATERIAL: Gold & Jasper

RING SIZE:  7  (US)     O (UK)

SIZE: 22mm x 19mm x 2mm (bezel 14mm x 11mm x 4mm)

WEIGHT: 5.15 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, Bogève. France.