Roman silver cameo ring Augustus Turquoise Glass

Roman silver cameo ring Augustus Turquoise Glass

Code: 11786


This is a wonderful ancient Roman silver cameo ring, dating to the late 1st century BC - early 1st century AD. The silver ring is a Henig type II, set with a glass cameo relief of Augustus. He is depicted “velato capite” (veiled head) in the act of offering a sacrifice to the gods as Pontifex Maximus. It is a very nice jewel that would have been worn to show patronage or support to the Roman State.  

OBJECT: Intaglio Ring


DATE: c. 10 BC - 10 AD

MATERIAL: Silver & Turquoise glass

RING SIZE: 5 1/2 (US) L 1/4 (UK)

SIZE: 20.19mm x 25.44mm x 3.78mm x 11.04mm (cameo 12.57mm x 9.76mm)

WEIGHT: 6.97 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, Winchester.