Roman Silver Finger Ring Sacred to TOT god Totatis

Code: 10170


This is a Romano British silver finger ring, dating to the 2nd - 3rd century A.D. The ring is of a Henig Type VIII, with rounded bezel inscribed with the letters "TOT". The letter 'T's are serifed and the letter 'o' in oval. The letters ToT are an abbreviation for the god-name Totatis (or Toutatis) it is quite worn, but still discernible. TOT rings are well-known finds from the East Midlands, especially in Lincolnshire. See LIN-DF32B4, NLM-2089B1, and LEIC-D6B504. The ring is made from a base silver, typical of the debased silver antoniniani of the 3rd century A.D.

See also Cf. Daubney, A. (2010) 'The cult of Totatis: evidence for tribal identity in Roman Britain' in Worrell, S., Egan, G., Naylor, J., Leahy, K. and Lewis, M. (Eds) A Decade of Discovery: proceedings of the Portable Antiquities Scheme conference 2007, BAR British Series 520

OBJECT: Finger Ring


DATE: c. 2nd - 3rd century A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver / debased

RING SIZE:  9 (US) R 3/4 (UK)

SIZE: 27.54mm x 11.81mm x 6.46mm

WEIGHT: 8.90 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Private collection Derbyshire.

Roman Silver Finger Ring Sacred to TOT god Totatis