Roman Silver Finger Ring Sacred to TOT god Totatis

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This is a nice ancient Roman silver finger ring, dating to the 3rd century A.D. The ring is of a Henig Type XI, with a bezel inscribed with the letters "TOT". The letter 'T's are serifed and the letter 'o' in oval. The letters ToT are an abbreviation for the god-name Totatis (or Toutatis) it is quite worn, but still discernible. TOT rings are well-known finds from the East Midlands, especially in Lincolnshire. See SWYOR-44888C,  LIN-DF32B4, NLM-2089B1, and LEIC-D6B504. The ring is made from a base silver and has a chip to the lower bezel. Apart from this, it is perfectly intact and wearable.

See also Cf. Daubney, A. (2010) 'The cult of Totatis: evidence for tribal identity in Roman Britain' in Worrell, S., Egan, G., Naylor, J., Leahy, K. and Lewis, M. (Eds) A Decade of Discovery: proceedings of the Portable Antiquities Scheme conference 2007, BAR British Series 520

OBJECT: Finger Ring


DATE: c. 3rd century A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver / debased

RING SIZE:  9 1/4 (US)    S 1/4 (UK)

SIZE: 21mm x 23mm x 5mm (bezel 20mm x 15mm x 2mm)

WEIGHT: 6 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Private collection, East Riding of Yorkshire

Roman Silver Finger Ring Sacred to TOT god Totatis