Roman Silver Intaglio Ring of a Hare

Roman Silver Intaglio Ring of a Hare

Code: 10359


This is a rather charming ancient Roman silver intaglio ring of a Hare, dating to the 3rd century A.D. It is of a Henig Type VIII, of keeled form, the shoulders decorated with a geometric design. It is still set with the original raised collet (often missing on this type of ring) containing the rubbed over intaglio gem. This is nicely cut with an image of a crouching hare, sacred to Artemis, goddess of wild places and the hunt (on the other hand Rabbits were sacred to Aphrodite). The hare represented romantic love, lust, abundance, and fecundity.  This ring has survived intact though has a cut to the lower band (this can easily be repaired by a jeweller if needed). A rare and attractive ancient Roman ring, one that can still be worn again today.

OBJECT: Intaglio Ring


DATE: c. 3rd century A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver & Carnelian

RING SIZE:   6 1/2  (US)     N   (UK)

SIZE: 22.52mm x 18.89mm x6.74mm (intaglio 8.36mm x 7.52mm x 4.01mm) 

WEIGHT:  2.2 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European private collection Chicago, originally found in Suffolk.