Roman silver signet ring Brancaster type

Roman silver signet ring Brancaster type

Code: 11629


This is an excavated Roman signet ring, dating to the late 4th - early 5th century A.D. It is of a Henig type XV also known as a 'Brancaster' type. This example has a raised square-shaped bezel decorated with a bird. See also BH-715823 for type and further discussion. Also 'Brancaster type signet rings

This ring is intact and wearable.

OBJECT: Signet Ring


DATE: c. 385 - 450 A.D.


RING SIZE:   9 1/4   (US)     S 1/4   (UK)

SIZE: 22mm x 23mm x 4mm (bezel 9mm x 7mm x 2mm) 

WEIGHT:  3.32 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private British collection, formed in the 1980s