Ancient Scandinavian Viking Silver Lozengiform Finger Ring

Ancient Scandinavian Viking Silver Lozengiform Finger Ring

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This is a wonderful ancient Scandinavian Viking silver finger ring, dating to the 9th - 10th century A.D. It has been made from a sheet of silver, cut in an elongated pointed-oval shape, and stamped with a triangle and pellet design. The bezel is the widest part, tapering through the shoulders until it is a wire at each terminal, which has been twisted in a simple slip-knot fashion around its opposite terminal.

Stamped finger-rings with knotted ends, in gold, silver and copper alloy, are characteristic of the Scandinavian world in the late 9th and 10th centuries (TAR 2002, no. 52; TAR 2003, no. 45; Rogerson and Dallas (1984), 68, fig. 110, nos.12 and 13; Graham-Campbell (1980), 61, no.219; Rogerson 1995, 56, fig.38, nos.23 - 5). Similar examples have been recorded from Britain (NCL-90DD85) found in Lincolnshire and both (NMS-2160F3) (NMS-D65631) finds from Norfolk.

OBJECTFinger Ring

CULTUREScandinavian Viking

DATEc. 9th - 10th century A.D.


RING SIZE:  5 3/4 (US)    L 1/4   (UK)

SIZE: 19mm x 20mm x 4mm (Bezel 19mm x 10mm)

WEIGHT:  4.84 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection (this is not a British find!)