Ancient Scandinavian Viking Tinned Bronze Finger Ring

Ancient Scandinavian Viking Tinned Bronze Finger Ring

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This is an ancient Scandinavian Viking copper-alloy finger ring, dating to the 8th - 10th century A.D. The ring is formed from a hammered sheet of copper, with a broad bezel, graduating to a wirework hoop closed with a slip-knot. The surfaces retain traces of tinning, used as a layer of protection and to give the ring a silver appearance when new. This type of ring was popular in Scandinavia, as well as Saxon England. Recorded examples can be seen ESS-9CB5B8NLM-FC0D13SWYOR-56EA98SF-E58167 etc. Sadly the ring has become crushed in the ground and is cracked. It will be suitable for museum display or will make for an interesting study piece.

OBJECT: Finger Ring


DATE: c. 8th - 10th century A.D.

MATERIAL: Copper-alloy (tinned)

RING SIZE:  10  (US)     T 1/2   (UK)

SIZE: 24mm x 21mm x 3mm (bezel 20mmx 14mm)

WEIGHT: 1.7 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection.