Anglo-Saxon Carolingian period Gold Ring

Anglo-Saxon Carolingian period Gold Ring

Code: 11576


This is an early medieval Carolingian gold and garnet finger ring, dating to the 9th century AD. A large lozenge-shaped bezel decorated with granulated beads around a smaller raised lozenge. The centerpiece is set with a cabochon garnet within a serrated setting bordered on either side with a rope-style band and two larger granulated beads. The shank of the ring is a square sectioned braid with splayed ends that attach to the underside of the bezel. The closes comparison to this ring in terms of style is a ring that formed part of the West Yorkshire hoard. (PAS: SWYOR-F86A02). Both rings share the tiered lozenge bezel design and setting of a single cabochon garnet. 

Thi ring is in excellent excavated condition and can still be worn today!

OBJECT: Finger Ring

CULTURE: Carolingian/Saxon.

DATEc. 9th century AD

MATERIAL: Gold & garnet

RING SIZE:   5   (US)      J 1/2  (UK)

SIZE: 22mm x 19mm x 3mm (bezel 18mm x 13mm x 6mm)

WEIGHT:  6.72 grams

PROVENANCE:  Ex D. Grover collection, Originally purchased Munich, Germany.