Anglo Saxon Gold & Rock Crystal Scrying Pendant

Anglo Saxon Gold & Rock Crystal Scrying Pendant

Code: 10212


This is a superb Anglo Saxon period gold and rock crystal pendant, dating to the 7th century. It is intact with a suspension loop on the back, the crystal is very clear and of a fine quality. The Saxons called rock crystal ðurhscynestan - literally ‘through shine stone’. It is thought the lens was used for scrying but also for magnification (of lettering, or for viewing intricate detail by craftsmen). Rock crystal was considered a very magical material, used to peer into the future, see visions by seer's, psychics and mediums - who were known as "Völva" to the Vikings and Spákona to the Saxons. This is a beautiful ancient pendant, intact and in good excavated condition.

OBJECT: Pendant - Scrying lens

CULTURE: Anglo-Saxon / Frankish

DATE: c. 7th century A.D.

MATERIAL: Gold & Rock Crystal

SIZE: 17mm x 6mm 

WEIGHT: 2.88 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection