Anglo Saxon Mercian bronze bracteate pendant

Anglo Saxon Mercian bronze bracteate pendant

Code: 11085


This is an ancient Anglo Saxon bronze bracteate, dating to the 8th - 9th century A.D. It is uniface, stamped from a die with the design of a Mercian penny of the Roman Portrait type. This style of bust was in use from Offa to Ceolwulf II, later used by Alfred the Great. It is unusual having the suspension ring upsidedown when worn. The edges are a little ragged from burial but otherwise intact and rare!

OBJECT: Bracteate/Pendant

CULTURE: Anglo Saxon

DATEc. 8th - 9th century A.D.


SIZE: 27mm x 31mm x 1mm

WEIGHT: 1.17 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly the property of an Essex collector.