Group of Excavated Saxon Silver Beads

Group of Excavated Saxon Silver Beads

Code: 10627


This is a rare group of four Saxon biconical silver beads, dating to the 6th - 7th century A.D. These were found together, presumably forming part of a necklace of an elite female.

Such wire beads are well known and firmly dated (through excavated contexts) to the early-mid 7th century, gold is more a common find than silver examples (Geake 1997, 43) NMS-6F95B0. Other beads, also of plain unbeaded wire, are found on the necklace from Finglesham grave 7 (Hawkes and Grainger 2006), and on the PAS database at PAS-CF6701. A biconical bead of slightly different shape, but using unbeaded gold wire embellished with occasional beaded lengths, is recorded on the PAS database at SF-40CB01. Examples using beaded wire are perhaps more common, with finds on the PAS database including the beads from Rowington, Warwickshire (PAS-2B1E44) and North Down, Kent (KENT-7009B3; Treasure Annual Report 2003, no.94, p.72, fig.94.2, p.214).

A nice grouping in excavated condition, ideal for museum display or restrung on a necklace.

OBJECT: Group of Beads

CULTURE: Germanic Saxon

DATEc. 6th - 7th century A.D.


SIZE:  7mm x 8mm, 6mm x 8mm, 6mm x 7mm, 5mm x 6mm

WEIGHT: 2.6 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection