Scandinavian Viking Silver Amulets Mjölnir Cross and Axes

Scandinavian Viking Silver Amulets Mjölnir Cross and Axes

Code: 11070


This is an ancient Scandinavian Viking silver amulet group, dating to the 9th - 10th century. The collection appears to have been grouped together on a set of temple rings, each secured into each other with a slipknot. The amulets vary, from a Thors Hammer pendant (Mjölnir) with punched decoration, to a cross pendant with punched ornament (similar to 457916. SHM 22459: 6 from Gotland). Other items include axes. These appear to me to be gathered together, likely a collection of trophies taken off captured and or slain enemies of one Viking Warrior. The group may have been given as a votive offering at a temple, or perhaps traded for the weight of silver. Either way, it is a nice group of amulets with a story to tell!

OBJECT: Amulet Group


DATEc. 9th - 10th century A.D.


SIZE: 38mm x 23mm (cross) 18mm x 13mm (hammer)  25mm x 17mm (large axe)

WEIGHT: 12.71 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a European private collection