Scandinavian Viking Twisted Gold Finger Ring

Scandinavian Viking Twisted Gold Finger Ring

Code: 10582


This is an ancient gold finger ring, dating to the late Viking period of the 11th - 12th century A.D. It is composed of two plain circular-sectioned rods twisted together with two finer beaded wires twisted in between, resulting in alternating plain and beaded bands. The rods taper in diameter to the ends which are welded and hammered together into a solid section. 
Parallels of this ring have been recorded from Sussex (SUSS-81B6D4) and York (YORYM-F67716). 

The condition is excellent for an excavated ring, a nice example that is suitable to be worn again today!

OBJECT: Finger Ring

CULTURE: Scandinavian / Viking

DATE: c. 11h - 12th century A.D.


RING SIZE:   8  (US)   Q (UK)

SIZE: 23mm x 24mm 3mm 

WEIGHT: 4.8 grams

PROVENANCE: From an old British collection, purchased from a private London collector.