Viking Silver Belt Plate Huginn & Muninn Bard or Seer

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This is a rare Scandinavian Viking silver belt plate, dating to the 10th - 11th century A.D. It was excavated with a group of plates belonging to the same belt, it would have once belonged to a Bard or Seer. The larger plates (this is one example) depict Huginn and Muninn, the ravens of Odin. Huginn represents 'thought' and Muninn 'memory'. Generally, Viking warriors would have no need for a silver belt depicting thought and memory, but this would come in handy to a Bard or Shamanic Seer. The belt plate is stamped from silver sheet, in imitation of repousee work. The back has then been loaded with pewter, with bronze pegs for attachment to a leather belt. Such a belt would have been very 'showy', a display of wealth and worn as a mark of rank. It is likely to have been gifted by a Jarl to his favorite Bard as a mark of favor. Very few of these belts are ever found, most being recycled in the bullion economy for the weight of silver.

This is a great opportunity to acquire a well designed and great looking Viking belt plate, other plates are also available (see the last photo of the group) and the remaining pieces can be sold together (just contact me)

OBJECT: Belt Plate


DATE: c. 10th - 11th century A.D.


SIZE: 37mm x 28mm

WEIGHT: 5.5grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. R. Doussy Collection, Staffordshire, originally found in Estonia.

Viking Silver Belt Plate Huginn & Muninn Bard or Seer