Black Prince Anglo Gallic Hardi D'Argent Bordeaux Mint

Black Prince Anglo Gallic Hardi D'Argent Bordeaux Mint

Code: 11324


This is an Anglo-Gallic hammered silver Hardi D'Argent, of Edward the Black Prince. It was struck at the Bordeaux Mint in France from 1362 - 1372. The coin depicts Prince Edward standing beneath a canopy, he wears a coronet of a simple band around his head (as opposed to the crown of a king). He is holding a sword with his right hand and pointing to it with his left. The message to his French subjects seems pretty clear (as not long before this coin was struck) the French Royal Army had been defeated at the Battle of Poitiers (1356), one of Edward's many victories for his father. 

Obverse = ED: PO: GnS R EG AGLIE: B  "Edward, firstborn of the King of England"

Reverse = PRn CPS*R AQIT AnIE  "Prince of Aquitaine "

This coin was struck for use in English held territory in France, it had the value of a silver penny (Sterling). The coin has survived in excavated condition, with a light flan crack at 3 o'clock.


CULTURE: Medieval France/England

DATE: 1362 - 1372 A.D.


SIZE: 18.58mm diameter

WEIGHT: 0.79 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Elias 202; AGC 224 dies 22/a; S.8134