Black Prince Anglo Gallic Hardi d'Argent Limoges Mint

Black Prince Anglo Gallic Hardi d'Argent Limoges Mint

Code: 11204


This is a medieval Anglo-Gallic hammered silver Hardi D'Argent, of Edward the Black Prince. It was struck at the Limoges mint in France from 1362 - 1372. It depicts Prince Edward standing beneath a canopy, he wears a coronet of a simple band around his head (as opposed to the crown of a king). He is holding a sword with his right hand and pointing to it with his left. The message to his French subjects seems pretty clear!

Obverse = ED: PO: GnS R EG AGLIE(L) "Edward, firstborn of the King of England"

Reverse = PRn CPS*R AQIT AnIE "Prince of Aquitaine "

This coin was struck for use in English held territory in France, it had the value of a silver penny (Sterling)


CULTURE: Medieval France/England

DATE: 1362 - 1372 A.D.


SIZE: 18.80mm diameter

WEIGHT: 1 gram