France: Ecu d'Or - Charles VI

France: Ecu d'Or - Charles VI

Code: 11285


This is a nice medieval gold coin issued by the French King Charles VI (the Mad) 1380 - 1422 A.D.

The obverse depicts the royal arms of France surmounted with a crown. The obverse legend reads: + KAROLVS : DЄI : GRACIA : FRAnCORVM : RЄX(Charles by the Grace of God King of France)

The reverse of the coin displays Floriated cross in a quadrilobe, the legend reads: + XPC * VIИCIT * XPC * RЄGИAT * XPC * IИPЄRAT(Christ overcomes, Christ reigns, Christ commands)

This coin would have been minted in France during the Hundred Years War with England, it came from a hoard of gold coins probably buried for safety during this conflict.

It is a great looking coin that is full of history and character!


CULTURE: Medieval France

DATE: 1380 - 1422 A.D.

MATERIAL: Gold 22k

SIZE: 29.41mm diameter

WEIGHT: 3.90 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Fr# 291, Dy# 369A