King Henry III Silver Farthing Oxford

King Henry III Silver Farthing Oxford

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This is a medieval silver farthing of King Henry III, struck at the Oxford mint between 1247 - 1272 AD. The Moneyer who struck the coin is unknown only the 'O' for Oxford is present.

Obverse: hЄNRICVS RЄX | III "King Henry the Third" Legend around crowned facing portrait, with sceptre in right hand.

Reverse: ADA|MON|OXO|NFO "Adam of Oxford"

This coin started life as a penny, but it was necessitated in trade to chop the coins into smaller fractional denominations as halfpennies and farthings. These coins were legal tender and a halfpenny was simply a penny cut in half, whilst farthings (four things) were divided into four parts. 


CULTUREMedieval England


DATE: 1216 - 1272 AD


SIZE: 10mm x 9mm 

WEIGHT: 0.44 grams


PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, in Cambridgeshire.