King Henry VI Anglo Gallic Gold Salut D'or of Rouen

King Henry VI Anglo Gallic Gold Salut D'or of Rouen

Code: 10112


This is a wonderful medieval Anglo-Gallic hammered gold Salut D'or, of King Henry VI. This coin was struck at Rouen in France (mint mark leopard). This coin depicts the Virgin Mary and Archangel Gabriel, a classic pose from the Annunciation (including AVE "Hail"). The arms of England and France side by side. This was medieval propaganda, using the baby Henry as a metaphor for the Christ child (uniting both kingdoms under one king).

Obverse = hENRICVS: DEI: GRA: FRACORV: z: AGLIE: REX, "Henry by the Grace of God King of France and England"

Reverse = XPC* VINCIT* XPC* REGNAT* XPC'* ImPERAT, "Christ reigns, Christ conquers, Christ commands."

This coin was struck for use in English held French territory, used around the time of Joan of Arc. The coin is a detector find, thus has a few scuffs, dings and general age-related wear.


CULTURE: Medieval France

DATE: 1422 - 1453 A.D.


SIZE: 26.76mm dia

WEIGHT: 3.49 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Schneider 112; Elias 270c; AGC 386F-1/b; S.8164