Medieval Gold Florin of Florence Alberti Bankers

Medieval Gold Florin of Florence Alberti Bankers

Code: 10680


This is a superb medieval gold Florin of Florence, issued between 1252 - 1531 A.D. 

This example bears the mark of the Alberti Mint Master, which is listed in THE MINT OFFICIALS OF THE FLORENTINE FLORIN  Museum Notes (American Numismatic Society) Vol. 5 (1952), pp. 113-155. As dated to the 6th Series of 1311 - 1315 A.D. 

The Alberti Family, also called Alberti Del Giudice, wealthy Florentine merchant banking family that was influential in European politics in the second half of the 14th century and notable for its patronage of the arts and beneficence toward the poor.

This coin was struck for use in large banking transactions, the value of a Florentine lira, or 240 denarii (pennies). It was of too high a value for daily use, and seems always to have been destined for use in international trade. Further information on this coin can be found in the article "Florin a coin with roots in Florence and a legacy that spans the globe"

Obverse = + FLOR-ENTIALily of Florence.

Reverse = S. IOHA-NNES. BSaint John the Baptist, standing, facing, holding staff with cross and raising his right hand in benediction,  (mintmaster symbol by hand) 


CULTURE: Medieval Florence

DATE: attributed to 1311 - 1315 A.D.


SIZE: 20mm diameter

WEIGHT: 3.4 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Bernocchi 98; MIR 3/1; Biaggi 785; Friedberg 275.