Medieval Gold Florin of Florence

Medieval Gold Florin of Florence

Code: 11557


This is a nice medieval gold Florin, issued in Florence between 1252 - 1291 AD. We can date this example more precisely due to the mint master’s mark of a hammer. A similar coin was recovered from the Acre Harbour hoard (see attached photo of the coin). The city of Acre fell in 1291, and its Latin Christian population was killed or enslaved, the hoard is thought to have been in a chest that fell overboard when the inhabitants and the Knights Templar fled onto awaiting boats. So with the 'hammer' mint masters mark, we can surely date this example to before 1291, and from the earliest phase of minting in the 1250's. 

See also 'A Thirteenth Century Hoard of Gold Florins From the Medieval Harbour of Acre' Numismatic Chronicle,

and 'Florin a coin with roots in Florence, global legacy'

The obverse of this coin displays a fleur-de-lis or ‘fiorino’, symbol of the city and the legend +FLOR – ENTIA.

The reverse depicts the patron saint of the city, Saint John the Baptist, in a coat of animal hair, his left hand holding a sceptre over his shoulder and his right hand raised in benediction with the legend S.IOHA – NNES.B.

A rare and wonderful coin full of history and character!


CULTURE: Florence, Italy.

DATE: 1252 - 1291 AD

MATERIAL: Gold 24k

SIZE: 19mm diameter

WEIGHT: 3.45 grams