Medieval Italy Florence Gold Florin

Medieval Italy Florence Gold Florin

Code: 12189


This is an original medieval gold Florin coin minted in Florence with a mint-masters mark of a rose and two leaves for 1322. The Florin was one of most important gold coin in Europe used in trade for many centuries. 

The obverse depicts Fleur-de-Lis (symbol of the city of Florence) with the legend in Lombardic script + FLOR-ENTIA.

The reverse displays Saint John Baptist, patron of the City. Legend in Lombardic script reads S . IOHA - NNES . B (MM) the master's mark of rose and two leaves has been attributed to the year 1322 and is recorded from the Willanzheim hoard of 163 coins as #48.

This coin displays very little wear and would be classed as EF except for the crease, otherwise intact and very rare!


CULTURE: Medieval Italy

DATE: 1322 AD

MATERIAL: Gold 23k (986/1000)

SIZE: 20.5mm diameter

WEIGHT: 3.54 grams

ATTRIBUTION: DM.864 - F.275 - CNI/XII.n° 169 p. 28 - Biaggin° 787

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection, Montélimar. France