Medieval Nuremburg

Medieval Nuremburg "Ship-penny" Jetton Reckoning Counter

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This is a medieval copper-alloy Jetton dating to the 15th - 16th century AD. Jettons, also known as Reckoning Counters, were used by merchants and bankers for calculating and adding up transactions. See Jettons or Reckoning Counters Mernick. This example is of a similar type recorded from Southwark SUR-148A8C, Cherwell OXON-955E5C and Bridlington YORYM-A7FF02. This example is well produced with a nice ship and fictitious legends. Four fleur-de-lis in a lozenge reverse. Mint of Nuremberg.



DATE: c. 1490 - 1550


SIZE: 23.8mm diameter

WEIGHT: 1.94 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  Mitchiner 1171